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ARCHOS Generation 6 SDE Firmware

ARCHOS Generation 6 SDE Firmware description

SDE firmware for ARCHOS Generation 6 devices: 
- ARCHOS 5 & ARCHOS 7 Internet Media Tablet

Important notices to be acknowledged before downloading and installing the SDE firmware:
- Be aware that after installation, your device will loose the capability of playing DRM (digital rights management) protected content (e.g. videos that are present on the Archos Media Club).
- It is possible to restore the ARCHOS back to a traditional firmware, but it will not be able to play DRM protected content anymore. This functionality will be lost forever when applying the SDE firmware.
- Once the SDE firmware is installed on a device, this device will be watermarked and ARCHOS will be able to detect that this firmware has been installed once.
- Installing the SDE firmware is considered by ARCHOS as a voiding of the warranty and ARCHOS declines all liability and responsibility for any issues resulting from the installation of this SDE firmware.
- ARCHOS strongly advises that only experts in embedded software development should install this firmware.
- This firmware is provided "as is" and is not supported by ARCHOS.

SharewareABC suggest you to use the most recent driver version.

Before install this driver we recommend to set a restore point. This way you can reverse system if the driver is wrong.

ARCHOS Generation 6 SDE Firmware - "ShareWareABC.Com 100% CLEAN" AWARD

ShareWareABC.Com tested ARCHOS Generation 6 SDE Firmware on 02 Apr 2013 and found CLEAN, which means that it does not contain any form of malware (spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors). However, this product will be re-tested periodically and the award may be withdrawn, so you should check back this page, especially the date of testing shown above.

Checking: version: virus-finding records: 3801367File size: 12.84 MBFile MD5: 6a5c154bcd274ea93cc7442d74fdf2ef - Ok


OS Support: Win7 x64, WinVista x64, WinXP

License: Freeware

Last Update: 05 Jan 2010

Downloads: 45

Virus reports: Virus check results

Publisher: Archos

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