CradlePoint MBR1400V2 Router Firmware 5.1.0

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New features added in this release:
- Add ability for negation on source and destination addresses in WAN Affinity was added.
- CradlePoint’s cloud VPN solution has been renamed to ‘CP Secure Connect’ and has been removed from Beta status.
- Added additional Modem diagnostics to SNMP. These include CINR, SINR, RSRP, RSRQ, and a number of other values. The latest WIPIPE MIB version is 1.8 to reflect these changes.
- Added client site visit reporting to the log that reports which clients accessed an external IP address. Network Settings -> Firewall Configuration -> Firewall Options -> Log Web Access.
- Active and passive DNS Failure Check added to Ethernet WAN sources to make their Failure Check options match what is provided for modems.
- (2100 only) Band-steering has been added.
- RADIUS timeout and retry settings have been added for Hotspot support.
- Added the ability to prioritize VOIP packets from the LAN to the WAN when using a VPN tunnel. Any QoS DSCP codes will be copied from the inner packet to the VPN packet after VPN encryption.

Additional UI/Usability changes:
- Modem diagnostics. Extended, categorized and sorted modem diagnostic information on the page.
- Modem Settings, On Demand Start Connection checkbox. When checked, the modem will connect to begin On Demand mode after plug or reset. When unchecked, the modem will not connect to begin On Demand mode after plug or reset, but will wait for LAN to WAN traffic before initiating a connection.
- SMS interface extension. Added Help command.
- The wireless band has been added to the Wi-Fi clients list.
- An Asset Tag field has been added to the router under the Local Administration tab.
- Added ability for negation on source and destination addresses in WAN affinity.

Defects fixed:
- IE9 and IE10 UI issues when setting up VPN tunnel
- CP Secure Connect tunnel did not re-establish after reboot
- GRE failover was not working correctly in some conditions
- Clients dropped off of the Clients List and returned
- OpenDNS might have issues reconnecting after reboot, depending on the speed of the WAN reconnection
- SSH to Serial port was scrambling data

New Tested Modems:
- CradlePoint MC200LE2-SP / Sprint (USA) / Supported on MBR1400, CBA750B Only
- CradlePoint MC300LE-VZ / Verizon (USA) / Supported on 2100 Only
- CradlePoint MC300LP / Bell Mobility, Rogers, Telus (Canada) / Supported on 2100 Only
- CradlePoint MC300LP-AT / AT&T (USA) / Supported on 2100 Only
- CradlePoint MC300LP2-EU / Vodafone (Germany), Telia (Sweden) / Supported on 2100 Only

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