Fractal Audio Axe-Fx II Mark II Preamplifier Firmware 18.01

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This firmware incorporates all-new amp modeling algorithms: - With this update the Axe-Fx II now incorporates our “Generation 3 (G3) Amp Modeling Technology”. - G3 modeling improves upon our previous modeling with better touch sensitivity, better dynamics, better distortion texture (or “grain”) with less fizz, more crunch and improved frequency response accuracy. - Not all amp models have been fully converted to take advantage of G3 modeling as of this release. - Those that have been fully ported are indicated by “(G3)” after the model name on the Pre page of the Amp block. - Those that have not been fully ported yet will still benefit from the improved algorithms. The Rotary block has been completely revised: - It is recommended to reset the block in any existing presets by double-clicking the Bypass button to load the default values. - Also, the Rotary block now supports X/Y which simplifies slow/fast switching. Added USB Return Level parameter to I/O->Audio menu: - This parameter sets the level of the USB input sent to the main outputs. Added “Word Clock” parameter to I/O->Audio menu: - This selects the clock source for the A/D and D/A converters. - Auto: uses the internal clock if the input source is Analog or USB. Uses the recovered SPDIF/AES clock if the input is SPDIF/AES. - SPDIF/AES IN: uses the recovered clock for all input sources. A valid 48 kHz data stream must be present at the AES or SPDIF input. If a valid stream is not detected the unit will fall back to the internal clock and display "NO INPUT CLOCK!". The SPDIF/AES select must be set to the appropriate value, i.e. if the data stream is input to the XLR jack then SPDIF/AES SELECT must be set to AES. Other Changes: - Added modifier capability to Compressor block Level control - Replaced some of the factory IRs with UltraRes IRs from our upcoming Universal Noise Storage 2 Cabinet Pack. These IRs are the first IRs that we have captured using the “Mic + DI” technique which results in IRs with improved accuracy and clarity. - Fixed Cabinet block room simulation collapsing to mono if Mode is mono and Preamp Type is not None. NOTE: - It is possible that the new Word Clock parameter (see below) will be set to SPDIF/AES IN after installation of this firmware. This will result in a “NO INPUT CLOCK!” message appearing on the screen. If so, set the Word Clock value to “Auto” in the I/O->Audio menu. - The USB Return Level parameter will be uninitialized after installation of this firmware. Set the desired USB Return Level via the I/O->Audio menu.

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