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Genius G-Pen 560 1.0

Genius G-Pen 560 1.0 description

For art designers or normal users, G-Pen 560 perfoms remarkably well and brings much value to your life. No matter if you are a PC or Mac user, just plug G-Pen 560 into your computer and devise your own creations.

G-Pen 560 has a programmable "Hot-Key" area for the office and Internet. Use it with the pen device for super shortcuts. You can mark the hot keys' names in the blank squares on the top of the tablet cover and make your own individual G-Pen 560 . The cordless pen features two buttons and 1024 level pressure sensitivity. While drawing with the digital pen, you can control all kinds of shapes and thickness easily. The two buttons of the pen can also be programmed as the left and right mouse buttons.

The bundled software includes Power Presenter RE, Free Notes and Office Ink which provide useful and convenient functions for your presentation or handwritten notes. Plus, this software -- PhotoImpact XL SE is an excellent tool for photos, design charts and web graphics editing.

Let G-Pen 560 bring art-style to your life, and be more creative and more colorful.

4.5" x 6" working area for drawing and handwriting
Cordless pen has 1024-level pressure sensitivity for all kinds of thickness control
Great tool for marketing presentations; document annotation with bundled software
Supports Messenger handwriting function. Make Internet chatting unique

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Genius G-Pen 560 1.0 - "ShareWareABC.Com 100% CLEAN" AWARD

ShareWareABC.Com tested Genius G-Pen 560 1.0 on 18 Feb 2012 and found CLEAN, which means that it does not contain any form of malware (spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors). However, this product will be re-tested periodically and the award may be withdrawn, so you should check back this page, especially the date of testing shown above.

Checking: version: virus-finding records: 2654170File size: 3.37 MBFile MD5: d9088de137273cc8598e6c856522cb37 - Ok


OS Support: WinXP

License: Freeware

Last Update: 05 Jan 2010

Downloads: 63

Virus reports: Virus check results

Publisher: GENIUS

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