Intel N-Series HD Graphics Driver 64-bit

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    Windows 7 64 bit , 8.1 64 bit

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This driver provides support and bug fixes for the Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 64-bit operating system for N Series Intel Pentium and Intel Celeron Processors with Intel HD Graphics.Fixes:- The desktop will disappear after shaking mouse in the lower left corner of the screen - Distortion observed on internal display when different windows are dragged in dual display, clone config. - Corruption observed in multi display configuration - Flickers are observed when certain D3D applications are run in full screen mode - Infrequent visual corruption observed during online video playback - Desktop corruption observed with rotation scenario - CPU occasionally switches to lowest supported frequency sporadically upon S4 resume - Screen flickering observed while running Cyberlink PhotoDirector Application - Graphics Output Protocol version is incorrect in CUI - JPEG encode using DX9 fails for very high resolutions in some formats - Textures are broken when running Far Cry 2 benchmark by DirectX 9 mode - Occasionally, running 3DMark results in black screen - Corruption seen while resizing DirectX applications - During Miracast session, display may go black if graphics driver is disabled - BSOD seen while 3DMarkVantage is being executed with automatic AC-DC switching application - Audio is not heard on DisplayPort - Sporadically Display flickers on eDP while system is idle or some during some mouse movements - Sporadically, display corruption observed after installing Intel graphics driver - Color patches observed while playing recorded video This driver is compatible with the following Intel CPUs:- Intel Celeron Processor N3000, Intel Celeron Processor N3050, and Intel Celeron Processor N3150 - Intel Pentium Processor N3700 CONTENTS OF THE PACKAGE:- Intel HD Graphics Driver - Intel Display Audio Driver - Intel Media SDK Runtime - Intel OpenCL Driver - Intel Graphics Control Panel Versions:- Intel Graphics Driver: - Intel Display Audio Driver: Supports Intel Iris graphics, Intel Iris Pro graphics and Intel HD graphics on:- Braswell Processor Family More about N Series Intel Pentium and Intel Celeron Processors (formally codenamed Braswell)Braswell is Intel’s next generation of System on a Chip (SoC) following the BayTrail –M/D (Mobile / Desktop) product line. Braswell is a multicore SoC based on a new microarchitecture and is manufactured on Intel’s industry leading trigate 14nm process. Braswell is primarily targeted towards entry level 2-in-1 devices, laptops, desktops, and All-in-One PCs. About Graphics Drivers:While installing the graphics driver allows the system to properly recognize the chipset and the card manufacturer, updating the video driver can bring about various changes. It can improve the overall graphics experience and performance in either games or various engineering software applications, include support for newly developed technologies, add compatibility with newer GPU chipsets, or resolve different problems that might have been encountered. When it comes to applying this release, the installation steps should be a breeze, as each manufacturer tries to make them as easy as possible so that each user can update the GPU on their own and with minimum risks (however, check to see if this download supports your graphics chipset). Therefore, get the package (extract it if necessary), run the setup, follow the on-screen instructions for a complete and successful installation, and make sure you reboot the system so that the changes take effect. That being said, download the driver, apply it on your system, and enjoy your newly updated graphics card. Moreover, check with our website as often as possible in order to stay up to speed with the latest releases. 

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