Intel S4600LT Server Board Family Firmware 2.04/2.01/1.22/0.23

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Versions: - BIOS: R02.04.0003 - ME: - BMC: 01.22.6890 - FRUSDR: 0.23 Changes in BIOS 02.04.0003: - Update: Integrate the new SSID(0x355B) of Intel Ethernet Controller X540 module in BIOS for supporting the new EEPROM of this IOM. Changes in BMC 01.22.6890: - Fixed: IPMB Bridging commands to a Satellite controller doesn't work - Fixed: The result of IPMI raw command 20 c0 71 00 02 00 00 shows telnet can be supported. - Fixed: The satellite FW updating status is 00 while updating HSBP FW. - Fixed: i2c-adapter i2c-7: Arbitration lost on data transmission - Fixed: Remote KVM video have some dirty mouse cursor under linux system - Fixed: The System Fan 5 spinning in 100% speed on S2400BB Platform after updated the BMC to 1.21.6038. - Fixed: FW update will fail with OS based utility (OFU), failure rate is 20% with USB mode and 40% with KCS mode. - Fixed: BMC code issue for fan detection on S2600CO. - Fixed: EWS can't interpret SmaRT/CLST event - Fixed: S2600GZ/GL EWS_update tool fail with SUP S2600GZ_GL_EFI_BIOS02030003_ME20107328_BMC1216038_FRUSDR113 - Fixed: Openssl update (see TA-1065) - Fixed: IPv6 can't get IP address via DHCP server. - Fixed: S4600LH P3 LVDIMM voltage reading is 1.5V sometimes during system booting up - Fixed: HSC firmware not updating with BMC 1.21.6038; - Fixed: BMC Hangs upon the first A/C Power On of the board. Subsequent A/C power cycles, the BMC boots. - Bundled the new PSU fw for PSSF162202A. - Bundled the new PSU fw for "DPS 750AB 32A". - Set RMM4 DMN speed to 100Mbps on half width products Changes in ME - Fixed: Platform is not able to power on properly after being shut down by NM Policy. - Fixed: Global platform power consumption reported by NM Statistics in S5 is incorrect. - Fixed: OOB (out-of-band) stress test by issuing the wrong username may cause connection to be unavailable. - Fixed: Shutdown action can be interrupted by cold reset when volatile NM policy is in use. Changes in FRUSDR 0.23: - Changed LC/LNC thresholds for all CPUs to match processor specs.

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