SanDisk Clip Sport MP3 Player Firmware 1.27

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Fixes:- Improved sorting spec for Audiobooks and podcasts. Track number sorting is now supported Enhancements:- Improved Compatibility with some micro-SD cards (Fix the 24MHz Clock in High Speed Mode) Installation Instructions: - Remove any external card from the Clip Sport before performing firmware update - Ensure your battery is > 50% full. - Plug in your SanDisk Clip Sport to your computer. - Download and save the upgrade.hex file to a folder on your computer. - Drag the file to the root directory of your SanDisk Clip Sport - Disconnect the SanDisk Clip Sport and let the firmware update begin. - Once it finally finishes doing its update, it will turn itself off. - Turn the Clip Sport on, Select your language and region preference - Once its back to the main menu, head to "Settings" >"System Settings"> "Info", and verify the "Version" is now 1.27". Note: - If the device does not initiate or complete, press & hold the Power switch for 15 seconds to reset the device and then press and hold power button again for 1 second to restart About Music Players: In case your device has encountered various problems that this release can fix, or if the same release comes to add certain features that you can make use of, then you should definitely take into account upgrading. Usually, to do that, you must get the downloadable file (unpack it if necessary) and transfer it to the player through any available method, and start the upgrade process from the device’s setup menu. However, given the large variety of music players and the many ways to enter update mode, it would be best if you read the product’s installation guide and initiate this task only when you have familiarized yourself with the steps. To apply this firmware, take into account all the aspects mentioned above, hit the download button and update your music player. In addition to that, make sure you constantly check with our website to stay “updated one minute ago.” 

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