TRUSTMASTER Gamepad Firestorm Dual Power

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Installation procedure:

1- Remove any previous driver versions.

2- Remove any version of the Thrustmapper programming software.
(As compatibility of Thrustmapper with this new driver is not certified, uninstalling the programming software is recommended).

Once the drivers have been updated, you should not reinstall or uninstall any older driver versions or the Thrustmapper software.

3- Restart your computer.

4- Download the new drivers.

5- Once the download is complete, double-click the installation (.exe) file and follow the instructions provided.

6- Once installation is complete, verify that your accessory is properly recognized in the Control Panel/Game Controllers (or Gaming Options) window with OK status.
Do the same for calibration and buttons in the Test Input tab.
Do the same for the 8 Force Feedback effects in the Test Force Feedback tab.


* If you have previously carried out a manual calibration using the Thrustmaster Calibration Tool software, you must carry out a new manual calibration (following installation of the new driver) in order to re-enable the calibration.
* Once the drivers have been installed, any other compatible devices will be automatically installed with the appropriate drivers.

Supported Thrustmaster products:

Racing wheels:

"Rallye GT PRO Force Feedback
RGT PRO Clutch Edition
F1 Force Feedback
NASCAR Pro Force Feedback 2
Ferrari GT 2-in-1 Rumble Force
Ferrari GT 2-in-1 Force Feedback
Ferrari GT Experience 3-in-1 Rumble Force
ENZO Force Feedback
ENZO 2-in-1 Racing Wheel
(Note: No Force Feedback on this wheel)
ENZO Wireless Racing Wheel
(Note: No Force Feedback on this wheel)


Dual Trigger Wireless PC
Dual Trigger 2-in-1 Wireless Rechargeable
Dual Trigger 2-in-1 Rumble Force
Dual Trigger 2-in-1
(for versions 2.0 or 3.2 only: version number can be found on back of gamepad)
Dual Trigger 3-in-1
Dual Trigger 3-in-1 Rumble Force
Firestorm Dual Power Version 1, 2, 3, 3.2 and 4
360 Modena Force UPAD
T-Mini 2-in-1
T-Mini 2-in-1 Rumble Force
T-Mini Wireless 2-in-1
T-Mini Wireless 2-in-1 Rumble Force
T-Wireless 3-in-1
T-Wireless 3-in-1 Rumble Force
RunN Drive 3-in-1
RunN Drive 3-in-1 Rumble Force
RunN Drive Wireless 3-in-1
RunN Drive Wireless 3-in-1 Rumble Force

Changes and improvements:

For optimal sensations:

* Force Feedback adjustment bar: Aggressiveness.
* Decrease the % to decrease the strength of effects.
* Increase the % to increase the strength of effects as well as re-centering on your wheel.
* Decrease or increase the % to modify the vibration strength on your gamepad.

* For Force Feedback Racing Wheels
* Use the Wheel Force Effects configuration in games.
* In most games: invert forces or apply a negative force coefficient.

* For Gamepads or Vibration Racing Wheels
* Use the Gamepad Force Effects configuration in games.
* In most games: invert forces or apply a negative force coefficient.

Game Controllers (Control Panel):
You can access it via:
Start/Programs/Thrustmaster FFB Driver/Game Controllers

The Game Controllers window allows you to:
- test axes and buttons for gamepads and racing wheels.
- configure axes for racing wheels.
- test and configure Force Feedback effects.

SharewareABC suggest you to use the most recent driver version.

Before install this driver we recommend to set a restore point. This way you can reverse system if the driver is wrong.

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