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Ubiquity AirOS V Firmware

Ubiquity AirOS V Firmware description

Regulatory updates:
- New: Lock country code for Ukraine
- Fix: Rocket M5 Titanium: DFS band unlock with authorisation key
- Fix: Remove DFS enable/disable option for EU/Switzerland, turn DFS ON after FW upgrade
- Fix: Update maximum EIRP from 20dBm to 23dBm for EU countries (indoor range)
- Fix: Update maximum EIRP from 20dBm to 23dBm for Vietnam (in frequency range 5150-5350 MHz)
- Fix: Regulatory update for Norway (5GHz band frequencies and EIRP limits update)
- WEB UI: Channel list with indication for Indoor channels (EU/Switzerland)
- WEB UI: Possibility to hide indoor channels (EU/Switzerland)
- Fix: Sometimes AP stops passing traffic in PtMP setup
- Fix: UAPSD power saving problems
- Fix: In some cases web server may lock up after some time due to memory leak (possible fix)
- Fix: Polycom SpectraLink 8030 wireless phone connection issues
- Fix: AirGrid M5 HP: Change Antenna gain from 28dBi to 27dBi according antenna specification
Supported products
- Bullet M2/M5/Titanium
- Rocket M2/M2 Titanium/M3/M365/M900/M5/M5 GPS/M5 Titanium/M6
- NanoStation M2/M3/M365/M5/M6
- NanoStation Loco M2/M900/M5
- NanoBridge M2/M3/M365/M900/M5
- AirGrid M2/M5/HP/HP New
- PowerBridge M3/M365/M5/M10
- PicoStation M2
- AirRouter/HP
- PowerAP N

SharewareABC suggest you to use the most recent driver version.

Before install this driver we recommend to set a restore point. This way you can reverse system if the driver is wrong.

Ubiquity AirOS V Firmware - "ShareWareABC.Com 100% CLEAN" AWARD

ShareWareABC.Com tested Ubiquity AirOS V Firmware on 31 Dec 1969 and found CLEAN, which means that it does not contain any form of malware (spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors). However, this product will be re-tested periodically and the award may be withdrawn, so you should check back this page, especially the date of testing shown above.

Checking: version: virus-finding records:4593397File size:6.58 MBFile MD5:3f93e831a2640df16f47767086d95ff3 - Ok


OS Support: Win7 x64,

License: Freeware

Last Update: 19 Oct 2013

Downloads: 28

Virus reports: Virus check results

Publisher: Others

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