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This update applies to firmware release 2.0 and higher. Please note that release 2.0 is not reversible and replaces your MioNet remote access interface with the new WD 2go free remote access technology. Read firmware release information carefully before upgrading. 
- Now allows the /Public/Software contents to be restored after performing factory restore
- Added alert displaying the date and time a safepoint was successfully completed
- Increased the DAC (Digital Access Code) expiration time to 48 hours for Mobile Access
- Added advanced port forwarding option to expand ability to get a direct port forwarded connection using WD 2go
- Now allows a user to enter a name in the registration email sent out for WD 2go
- Added network connectivity monitor to the dashboard
- Added percentage complete count for the safepoint backup progress window
- Added port forwarding for Windows XP users to connect with WD 2go
- Resolved various translation issues in all languages
- Resolved iTunes music streaming no longer working in iTunes 10.5
- Resolved issue with file corruption causing CNID DB Error on Mac OS X
- Resolved issue of permission error with multiple users on Mac OSx 10.6
- Resolved issue of share description not appearing after creating a new share in the dashboard
- Resolved issue to improve drive standby performance
- Resolved issue that allows creating shares with the name "shares" and "backup"
- Resolved issue of newly created safepoint discovery showing a blank screen if no compatible devices on the network are found
- Resolved issue that limited the alert icon to stop generating messages after 13 alerts
- Resolved issue of a private share being set to “All” by the media server which should by default be set to ‘None’
- Resolved incorrect tool tip information for user name is case sensitive
- Resolved issue with the save button appearing at the wrong time in email alert
- Resolved issue of the dashboard not correctly displaying a change made in Energy Saver
- Resolved issue of safepoint auto update not backing up if the day is set to 31 and the actual calendar month has less than 31 days
- Resolved issue of an intermittent error message appearing briefly when logging into the dashboard
- Resolved issue where a scheduled safepoint will not start if the drive is in standby
- Resolved issue where the old gateway remains active after revising static IP settings
- Resolved issue of buttons not fully appearing in a create new share popup window
- Resolved the inability to create a system report after a safepoint recovery was cancelled
- Resolved issue of a firmware upgrade taking too long with data content on the drives
- Resolved issue to allow workgroup name to include dashes
- Resolved issue where no retry safepoint icon appears if creating safepoint failed in the initial process
- Resolved issue where a user cannot re-use a previously used email account to register a new user
- Resolved issue where text entered into the Full Name field cannot be deleted
- Resolved issue that allows a space in the password to be accepted
- Resolved issue of a horizontal scrollbar that appears in the safepoint manage list
- Resolved issue of dashboard expanding off the screen causes functional areas to no longer be visible
- Resolved issue for an incorrect error message when the wrong password is entered in creating or recovering a safepoint from a private share
- Other updates included.

SharewareABC suggest you to use the most recent driver version.

Before install this driver we recommend to set a restore point. This way you can reverse system if the driver is wrong.

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