Western Digital TV Live HD Media Player Firmware 1.06.15_V

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Resolved Issues:
- Supports Czech language in the user interface.
- Resolved Media Library issue where playing an ISO and DVD (.VOB) is not added in recent list.
- Resolved video quick menu not showing selection correctly.
- Resolved black screen when playing dat or ts video file.(mpeg format)
- Resolved PlayTo issue where menu icon in video option do not move when navigating during playback
- Resolved poor menu performance due to background task running.
- Resolved audio Track display always shows as file name.
- Resolved music info missing when opening photo info from option in slideshow.
- Resolved thumbnail blurring while browsing music.
- Resolved scrolling issue where artifacts would show if scrolling too fast.
- Resolved issue where the FF/RW icon would display in preview mode for folder.
- Resolved issue unable to connect to Wi-Fi when SSID is not broadcast.
- Resolved Tunein issue where removing a preset doesn’t take effect until preset section is reopened.
- Resolved issue where some PGS subtitles would not display in MKV container.
- Resolved issue where screen display “Unsupported subtitle” message on option bar.
- Resolved issue where default subtitle stream flags are ignored.
- Resolved issue where 4:3 aspect ratio setting resets to widescreen after power cycle.
- Resolved issue where all audio above 48KHz is being downsampled to 48KHz.
- Resolved Flingo issue where FF and Play will black out screen for 10 or more sections.
- Resolved Facebook security encryption issue when selecting shortcut key www. in password page.
- Resolved Facebook issue of not being able to upload to Facebook if photo is in full screen view.
- Resolved Facebook issue where no error message shows up when network cable is disconnected.
- Resolved .ISO and .VOB issue where the info bar stays on the screen during playback.
- Resolved file management issue where certain files are corrupted on a GUID or APM HFS+J format drives.
- Resolved issue where firmware upgrade did not work for certain USB drive formats,
- Resolved Deezer issue where the options icon disappears on the radio playlist.
- Resolved issue where Deezer will not play any music tracks or songs from any radio stations
- Resolved DVD (ISO or VOB) issue where playback will not resume after unit power cycle.
- Resolved issue where certain MKVs videos do not play sound.
- Resolved AVI issue where pressing skip twice causes video to jump back to start.
- Resolved several general user interface alignment issues.
- Resolved issue where MPEG2 video lags or freezes.
- Resolved issue with 2TB hard drive not mounting.
- Resolved issue with system becoming unresponsive after hot unplugging the hard drive.
- Resolved video playback issue with certain .MOV, MPEG4, PCM 2ch videos resulting in incoherent audio.

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