Western Digital TV Live Streaming Media Player Firmware 1.13.18

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    Western Digital


- Supports Kannuu; easily discover where to watch your favorite programs.
- Supports myTV Arabic language television.
- Supports IVI.RU online TV shows and movies in Russia.
- Supports Hulu Plus and Skitter TV in US territories, commonwealths and insular areas.
- Supports Product Improvement Opt-In.
- Support 32x FF/RW for video and music playback.
- Support Movie filter.
- Resolved TV Shows content info is incorrectly sorted.
- Resolved ejecting USB drive causes problems with the Media Library.
- Resolved bad playback performance when scanning the Media Library.
- Resolved unable to play tracks when sharing playlists in Spotify.
- Resolved user interface lags when the network connection is being established.
- Resolved JSTV stream playback stops after streaming continuously for long durations.
- Resolved noticeable delay in UI recognizing button presses after restarting device.
- Resolved nested playlists folders make entire playlist folder appear blank in Spotify.
- Resolved long Blu-Ray ISO video loading time.
- Resolved unable to add similarly named share to the Media Library.
- Resolved unable to resume MediaMarkt videos.
- Resolved playback of certain True HD 1080P MKV files with multiple PGS subtitles locks up the device.
- Resolved rescanning metadata for TV shows reboots the device.
- Resolved audio loss and constant buffering issue when playing high bitrate Blu-Ray ISO from NFS share.
- Resolved some TuneIn streams do not play.
- Resolved TuneIn radio images are missing on the options menu.
- Resolved audio loss issue on .TS QAM recorded videos.
- Added message indication when USB device is being mounted.
- Added message indication when connecting to network.
- Resolved slow navigation issue when Auto Get Content is running.
- Resolved unable to get content info when file name contains "-" issue.
- Resolved unable to move curser when playing the last song on playlist in Spotify.
- Resolved screen flash issue with VOBSUB subtitles on MP4, M4V, and MKV videos.
- Resolved error message is not displayed when the network is interrupted in PlayJam.
- Resolved system menus missing down arrow to indicate additional menu items.
- Resolved reset location displays the wrong time zone issue.
- Resolved unable to get content info for file starting with "ENG".
- Resolved get content info retrieved English information when scraping German titles.
- Resolved some folders do not have thumbnails when filtering by TV Show in videos.
- Resolved spinning wheel is shown for the first few seconds while video loads.
- Resolved constant loading indicator is displayed when deleting playlists in Spotify.

General information 
- Deezer geo-restriction change to Worldwide, except not in the US. (Deezer account required)

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