Yamaha QL5 Digital Mixer Firmware 3.01

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New Features: - Now supports 5.1 surround panning. - In addition to surround mixing, basic surround monitoring has been added. - Now supports the acclaimed buss compressor (Buss Comp 369) in the Premium Rack. - Now supports Mix Minus function, which removes a specific channel signal from the signals sent to the MIX/MATRIX buses. - Now supports Frame Delay for input channels and output ports within the DELAY SCALE window. - You can now select 8-band Parametric EQ (PEQ) in the GEQ RACK and EFFECT RACK. - A real time analyzer (RTA) is now provided to support room tuning and other operations. - Four banks are now provided for User Defined Keys with indication of which bank is chosen on the screen in the bottom right corner. - DCA assignment has been added to the parameters for Recall Safe, Focus Recall, and Global Paste. - User Defined Knobs can now control effect parameters. - Now supports the RMio64-D control. - Channel Link is now available for outputs. - Two internal oscillators can now be set to different frequencies for odd and even numbered channels. - You can now convert signals received at a stereo channel into mono with a single action. - The send levels for all channels now can be shown in the METER display when SENDS ON FADERS is engaged. - You can now set the console to Preferred Master directly from the touch screen, without the need for Dante controller. - DANTE SETUP is now available at the parameter of the user level setup. - You can now view that the status indicator appears on the touch screen when the operation switches from the primary to the secondary Dante audio network. - Now supports the Fader Cue Release function. - You can now view the delay value in the Tap Tempo pop-up window. - You can now unmute a muted channel in the DCA group temporarily. - New functions have been added that can be assigned to the USER DEFINED keys, the USER DEFINED knobs and the MIDI control changes. - Focusrite RED NET4 and RED NET MP8R have been added as Dante devices which can be detected / patched in the QL series. - You can now create a read-only scene memory. - You can now assign the Stereo/Mono bus master, Mix bus master, and Matrix bus master channels to DCA group(s) Improvements: - When you initialize the unit including the Dante audio network setting or update the firmware, the initial setting of "Preferred Master" was changed to ON (from V1.08). This setting is not affected by the console setting and restart. With the initial setting, if you change the word clock setting to other than DANTE for a CL/QL unit, the console will preferentially become the clock master, which would prevent clock errors. If needed, you can manually select the clock master by enabling "Preferred Master" on a single device (the others off), which is always powered on while the system is operational. Fixed bugs: - Solved a problem in which GAIN KNOB FUNCTION was changed back to ANALOG GAIN on the PREFERENCE page of the USER SETUP window if DIGITAL GAIN had been set, when storing/recalling scenes, switching the bank of USER DEFINED keys, restarting the console, or some other operations.

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